Frozen Milk Taste Wheat Flour Steamed Bread

Additional Info

Packaging: Food grade plastic bag, carton

Brand: Newcorn

Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

Product Description

Newcorn Brings the New Time of Steam Food

It has been a long history since the steam food prevailed in China. The Chinese found that, compared with the normal frying or roasting cooking process, steaming is a more effective way to preserve the nutritious element inside the food, meanwhile keeping its original fresh and taste. 

With the development of the conciousness towards food safety, steam food hasn't been the privelege of China, but extended its affection overseas.

Newcorn comebine the advanced organic food technology and traditional steaming process together, innovate the food easily accepted by the foreingers. And an impending dietary revolution is being aroused by Newcorn. 



Quick frozen steamed bun Chinese traditional mantou 
HACCP, ISO, FDA certificates 


Keep it uniform size, attractive appearance, sweet flavor, fullness smooth, glossy.


Product Name: Eggs and Milk frozen Steamed Bread bun (Quick-freezing Cooked Food)

Product Type: without stuffing

Comprehensive Traceability:

Wheat flour: super special wheat flour

Production: totally closed high standard production factory

Package:  20g/piece, 1500g/bag*4bags/carton or as your requirement


Guarantee Period: 24 months

Storage Condition: Freeze Preservation under -18°C

Edible Method: 

Steam:  No need to defrost. Unpack and put them in steamer. They can be eaten after steaming 7-9 minutes after the water is boiling. 


Microwave: No need to defrost. Unpack, put them in the microwave dedicated steaming box, pour in some hot water, medium heat for 2-3 minutes. 


Fried: No need to defrost. Unpack when the oil heat, put them in the fry pan slowly, fry them till gold. 

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